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Ultrasonic Flow Meter in pune

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SaitechFlow Instruments & Control provide best quality ultrasonic flow meter. It is a type of flow meter that uses ultrasonic waves to measure the velocity of a fluid flowing through a pipe or conduit. There are two main types of ultrasonic flow meters, Doppler flow meters and transit-time flow meters.

  • Doppler flow meters: In a Doppler flow meter, ultrasonic waves are emitted into the flowing fluid, and these waves reflect off particles or bubbles in the fluid. The frequency of the reflected waves is shifted due to the motion of the particles or bubbles, known as the Dopplereffect

  • Transit-time flow meters: In a transit-time flow meter, ultrasonic waves are transmitted through the flowing fluid in two directions - upstream and downstream - using multiple pairs of transducers.

  • Provides measurement of low viscosity liquids.

Application area of Ultrasonic flow meter

Ultrasonic flow meters are widely used in various industrial applications for non-intrusive, accurate, and reliable flow measurement of liquids and gases. Some of the common application areas of ultrasonic flow meters include:

  • Ultrasonic flow meters are extensively used in water and wastewater treatment plants to measure the flow rate of water and wastewater in pipes and channels.

  • They are utilized in the oil and gas industry for measuring the flow of various fluids, including crude oil,natural gas, refined petroleum products, and chemicals.

  • used in the chemical and petrochemical industry for measuring the flow rate of various liquids and gases, including acids, solvents, gases, and chemicals.

  • Ultrasonic flow meters are employed in power plants for measuring the flow rate of cooling water, feedwater, condensate, and other fluids.

  • used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, and building automation systems to measure the flow rate of chilled water, hot water, and other fluids for energy management, tenant billing, and system optimization.

  • Utilized in the food and beverage industry for measuring the flow of liquids, such as milk, juices, beer, and other beverages, as well as for process control, quality assurance, and compliance with hygiene regulations.

  • Ultrasonic flow meters are used in the pharmaceutical industry for measuring the flow rate of various liquids and gases, including raw materials, solvents, and process fluids.

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