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Thermal Gas Mass Flow Meter

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Products Details:

Material Material
Input 220VAC,24VDC
Output 4-20mA/RS485/Pulse
Pressure PN16
Connection Flange/Insertion
Size DN15-DN1000
Application measure gas(except acetylene)

Saitechflow Instruments & Control offers a comprehensive range of advanced flow measurement solutions, including their state-of-the-art Thermal Gas Mass Flow Meter. This innovative device utilizes thermal dispersion technology to provide precise and reliable measurements of gas flow rates.

Features and Benefits of Thermal Gas Mass Flow Meter:

Accurate and Reliable Measurements: The Thermal Gas Mass Flow Meter from Saitechflow Instruments & Control ensures highly accurate and repeatable measurements, even in demanding gas flow conditions. It offers a wide turndown ratio and excellent linearity, enabling reliable flow monitoring across a broad range of flow rates.

Wide Range of Gas Compatibility: This flow meter is designed to handle various gases, including air, natural gas, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and many others. Its versatility makes it suitable for diverse applications across industries.

Real-Time Monitoring: The Thermal Gas Mass Flow Meter provides instantaneous and real-time measurements of gas flow rates, allowing for immediate detection of anomalies or changes in flow conditions. This feature is crucial for process control and optimization.

High-Performance Sensor Technology: Saitechflow flow meter incorporates a high-performance thermal sensor, which offers excellent sensitivity and responsiveness to changes in gas flow. The sensor operates based on the principle of thermal dispersion, where heat transfer is measured to determine the flow velocity and mass flow rate.

Digital Display and Communication: The flow meter is equipped with a user-friendly digital display that provides clear and easy-to-read flow rate information. It also supports various communication protocols, such as Modbus, HART, Profibus, and Foundation Fieldbus, allowing seamless integration into control systems and data acquisition networks.

Working Principles of Thermal Gas Mass Flow Meter:

The Thermal Gas Mass Flow Meter utilizes the thermal dispersion principle to measure gas flow rates accurately. It consists of a flow sensor that includes two temperature sensors—a heated sensor and an unheated sensor. The heated sensor maintains a constant temperature higher than the gas temperature, while the unheated sensor is at the gas temperature.

As gas flows through the flow meter, it carries away heat from the heated sensor. The resulting temperature difference between the two sensors is directly proportional to the mass flow rate of the gas. By measuring this temperature difference, the flow meter calculates and displays the precise flow rate of the gas.

Applications of Thermal Gas Mass Flow Meter:

HVAC Systems: The Thermal Gas Mass Flow Meter is suitable for monitoring and controlling gas flow rates in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. It enables efficient energy management and optimized performance.

Industrial Processes: This flow meter is widely used in various industrial applications, including chemical processing, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, and semiconductor manufacturing. It provides accurate gas flow measurements for process optimization, quality control, and safety compliance.

Environmental Monitoring: Saitechflow Thermal Gas Mass Flow Meter is employed in environmental monitoring systems to measure gas emissions, ensuring compliance with regulations and facilitating pollution control efforts.

Research and Development: The flow meter finds applications in research laboratories and development facilities for precise gas flow measurements in experimental setups, helping researchers analyze and understand gas dynamics.

Saitechflow Instruments & Control's Thermal Gas Mass Flow Meter offers an advanced solution for precise and reliable gas flow measurement. With its accurate performance, wide gas compatibility, and real-time monitoring capabilities, it serves a wide range of applications across industries. Whether for process optimization, environmental monitoring, or research purposes, Saitechflows Thermal Gas Mass Flow Meter delivers accurate and dependable gas flow measurements, contributing to enhanced operational efficiency and control.

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