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Electromagnetic Flow Meter (Remote type)

Electromagnetic Flow Meter Insertion in pune

Products Details:

Material Carbon steel,SS304
Output 4-20mA/RS485/Pulse,Hart,GPRS
Linner Rubber/PTFE
Connection Flange/Tri-clamp/Thread/Clamp
Pressure PN16
Protection Class IP65
Accuracy 0.5%
Electrode 316L/titanium/HC/Tantalum
Size DN6-DN2000
Application conductive liquid(waste water,water...)


1. Compact design
2. Less weight
3. High quality
4. Simple structure
5. Reliable
6. Long operation life
7. No pressure loss
8. Less response time
9. Good stability
10. Unwavering measuring accuracy


1. Water treatment plants
2. Effluent treatments plants
3. Chemical
4. Pharmaceutical
5. Drugs
6. Fertilizers
7. Steel
8. Milk and Food
9. Water supply scheme
10. Sugar & Agro Industries
11. Breweries

In the realm of flow measurement, electromagnetic flow meters have proven to be reliable and accurate instruments for a wide range of applications. Among the various configurations available, the remote-type electromagnetic flow meter stands out as a convenient and efficient solution.

What is a Remote Type Electromagnetic Flow Meter?

A remote-type electromagnetic flow meter is an advanced flow measurement device that combines the proven accuracy of electromagnetic technology with the added convenience of remote monitoring and control capabilities. It consists of two main components: a flow sensor and a separate transmitter or converter unit. The flow sensor is installed in the process pipeline, while the transmitter is typically mounted remotely in a more accessible location.

Key Features and Benefits of Electromagnetic Flow Meters Remote Type:

Remote Monitoring and Control:

One of the primary advantages of remote-type electromagnetic flow meters is their ability to provide remote monitoring and control functionality. The transmitter unit, placed at a convenient location, allows operators to access real-time flow data, configure settings, and perform diagnostics without physically accessing the flow sensor. This feature is particularly useful in situations where the flow meter is installed in challenging or hazardous environments.

Enhanced Flexibility:

The remote-type configuration offers enhanced flexibility in terms of installation and integration. The flow sensor can be placed directly in the process pipeline while the transmitter can be conveniently mounted in a control room or other accessible location. This flexibility simplifies the installation process and allows for easier maintenance and troubleshooting.

Wide Range of Applications:

Remote-type electromagnetic flow meters are suitable for a wide range of applications across various industries. From water and wastewater management to chemical processing, food and beverage production, and pharmaceuticals, these meters provide accurate and reliable flow measurement data. They can handle conductive liquids, including corrosive fluids, and are capable of measuring flow rates in both clean and dirty media.

High Accuracy and Repeatability:

Electromagnetic flow meters, in general, are known for their high accuracy and repeatability. Remote-type meters inherit these qualities, providing precise flow measurements with minimal error. The use of advanced signal processing algorithms and digital technology ensures accurate readings, even in challenging flow conditions.

Diagnostics and Maintenance:

Remote-type electromagnetic flow meters often come equipped with diagnostic capabilities. The transmitter unit can monitor the health of the flow sensor, detecting issues such as electrode coating or sensor fouling. By identifying these issues early on, maintenance can be scheduled proactively, reducing downtime and ensuring optimal performance of the flow meter.

Integration with Control Systems:

Remote-type electromagnetic flow meters can be seamlessly integrated with existing control and monitoring systems. They typically offer various communication protocols, such as Modbus, Profibus, or HART, enabling easy integration into supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems or distributed control systems (DCS). This integration allows for efficient data exchange and enhances overall process control.

Remote-type electromagnetic flow meters combine the accuracy and reliability of electromagnetic flow measurement with the convenience of remote monitoring and control. These meters offer a range of benefits, including remote access to flow data, installation flexibility, wide application suitability, high accuracy, diagnostics, and seamless integration with control systems. Whether you're monitoring flow in a challenging environment or seeking to streamline your flow measurement processes, the remote-type electromagnetic flow meter is a versatile and efficient solution that can meet your needs effectively.

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