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Coriolis Mass Flowmeter

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Products Details:

Material SS316
Input 220VAC,24VDC
Output 4-20mA/RS485,Pulse,Hart
Connection Flange/Thearded/Clamp
Pressure PN16
Size DN3-DN200
Size DN25-DN250
Application measure gas,liquid

Saitechflow Instruments & Control specializes in providing cutting-edge flow measurement solutions, and one of their flagship products is the Coriolis Mass Flowmeter. Designed with precision and reliability in mind, this advanced flowmeter utilizes the Coriolis effect to accurately measure the mass flow rate of fluids.

Features and Benefits of Coriolis Mass Flowmeter:

High Accuracy and Repeatability: The Coriolis Mass Flowmeter from Saitechflow Instruments & Control offers exceptional accuracy and repeatability in measuring mass flow rates. It provides reliable data even in challenging fluid conditions, enabling precise control and optimization of processes.

Multivariable Measurement: In addition to mass flow rate, this flowmeter simultaneously measures other fluid parameters, such as density and temperature. This multivariable measurement capability eliminates the need for separate instruments, reducing costs and simplifying the overall system.

Wide Range of Fluid Compatibility: Saitechflow's Coriolis Mass Flowmeter is suitable for measuring a wide variety of fluids, including liquids and gases. It can handle corrosive, abrasive, and high-viscosity fluids, making it versatile for diverse industrial applications.

Compact Design and Easy Installation: The flowmeter's compact design allows for easy integration into existing pipelines or systems. It can be installed in both horizontal and vertical orientations, providing flexibility in installation locations.

Digital Communication and Integration: The Coriolis Mass Flowmeter is equipped with digital communication protocols, such as Modbus, HART, Profibus, and Foundation Fieldbus. This enables seamless integration with control systems, data acquisition networks, and process automation.

Working Principles of Coriolis Mass Flowmeter:

The Coriolis Mass Flowmeter operates based on the principle of the Coriolis effect. It consists of a flow tube that vibrates at a specific frequency. When fluid flows through the vibrating tube, it generates Coriolis forces due to the fluid's inertia and velocity. These forces cause the tube to twist in proportion to the mass flow rate of the fluid.Sensors attached to the flow tube detect the degree of twist and convert it into electrical signals. The amplitude and phase shift of these signals are directly proportional to the mass flow rate and density of the fluid. By analyzing these signals, the flowmeter accurately measures the mass flow rate, density, and temperature of the fluid.

Applications of Coriolis Mass Flowmeter:

Process Industries: The Coriolis Mass Flowmeter is widely used in various process industries, including oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage. It provides precise measurements for process control, batching, blending, and custody transfer applications.

Custody Transfer and Fiscal Metering: This flowmeter is utilized in custody transfer applications where accurate measurement of mass flow rates is essential for financial transactions, such as the transfer of petroleum products or gases between parties.

Liquid and Gas Flow Monitoring: Saitechflow's Coriolis Mass Flowmeter is suitable for monitoring and controlling the flow of liquids and gases in pipelines, ensuring efficient and optimized operations in industries such as water and wastewater, HVAC, and power generation.

Petrochemical Refining: In the petrochemical industry, this flowmeter plays a crucial role in measuring the mass flow rates of various petroleum products and gases, aiding in process optimization and quality control.

Saitechflow Instruments & Control's Coriolis Mass Flowmeter offers a highly accurate and reliable solution for measuring mass flow rates of fluids. With its multivariable measurement capability, wide fluid compatibility, and easy integration, it serves as a valuable tool in a diverse range of industries. Whether for process control, custody transfer, or flow monitoring applications, Saitechflow's Coriolis Mass Flowmeter provides precise and real-time data, contributing to improved efficiency, quality, and cost-effectiveness.

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